What is Simantov

SIMANTOV is an offline boutique Jewish Matchmaking firm. We have been uniting high caliber, relationship-minded professionals for more than four decades. Eligible Jewish singles come to us for a subtle, personalized service when they are ready to find their ideal partner.

As well as matchmaking, SIMANTOV excels at making lasting connections within many industry sectors and social organizations. After all, our memberships appeal to a well-educated network of Jewish professionals. So if you are looking for platonic social and business connections, take a look at our Memberships.

The Simantov edge

What makes us different from other introduction agencies?

Maybe it’s our exclusive focus on smart professional Jewish men and women who are seeking a life partner. Our contracts are lifelong with no annual fees, so we are committed to your search for as long as it takes.

Perhaps it’s the fact that we offer a highly personalized service preferring to really get to know our applicants in person wherever possible.

Or could it be our team-based approach to matchmaking? We are a small team of the very best Jewish matchmakers, and will do everything in our power to locate your bashert, wherever they are in the world.

Most probably it’s our 40 years of perfected experience, which hones our intuition when it comes to just knowing who is right for you, and who will offer the stability you need to maintain success. This level of expertise coupled with a thorough filtering process enables us to work with speed and confidence. Most of our introductions are made within 4-6 weeks.

If you’re ready to begin your quest, get the SIMANTOV edge and check out our process.