Galvano Group is a Lifestyle Members Club. We ensure our members receive outstanding quality and tailored first-class service anywhere, anytime.

Markus Sassmann, CEO of Galvano Group


Being Worldwide

Galvano Group is an international Lifestyle Management Company.

A leading member’s club that focuses on Concierge & Lifestyle Management across diffe – rent nations working towards one purpose: creating unforgettable and unique experiences anywhere in the world, to enrich business & leisure time for our private & corporate clients.

The group comprises four key divisions, providing a seamless red carpet of services from spur-of-the-moment reservations at fully booked Saint-Tropez clubs to private jet charters, from access to the hottest parties to the organization of opulent events.

We ensure our members receive outstanding quality and tailored first-class service anywhere, anytime. We are there for you, for your preferences, your tastes and desires.

Galvano CONCIERGE – An Ace Up Your Sleeve

Galvano CONCIERGE is an exclusive dedicated members-only lifestyle management service provided by Zurich-based Galvano Group.

From spa bookings, transfer requests, exclusive tours, to reservations at fully booked clubs or Michelin starred restaurants through to private jet & yacht charters your requests are fulfilled.

We do understand the brief half-life of desire, we take action without missing a beat, night & day, 7/24/365!

To get you prime access to Galvano Group, we provide our state of the art Galvano App – an incredible tool that keeps you in touch with us and vice versa. Around the clock, worldwide.

Galvano ONE – Fine Living

For our members, we are seeking the exceptional anywhere in the world. This is decidedly about top quality. Per city, per category, we o er thirty true masters of their trade a chance to shine on our FINE LIVING Galvano ONE platform, and showcase who they are and what they do.

Galvano ONE made it its business to answer ONE question: What‘s going on in my city? No “perhaps”, “possibly” or “probably”, but a straight “go there or miss out, hand on heart!” At Galvano ONE you will find insider-intel on the finest boutiques, bars, restaurants, hotels & services for each selected city. Our members are like minded worldly people, confident they receive outstanding quality, each time.

Galvano IRIDIUM – Welcome To The Party

Galvano IRIDIUM is a Galvano Group’s branch dedicated to exceptional events all over the world, for those who are looking for like-minded people: from Oscars & Golden Globes awards and after-parties to Leonardo Di Caprio’s yearly charitable auction event, Galvano IRIDIUM makes the IMPOSSIBLE REAL. Hype & thrill with celebrity parties, elegance & exuberance with VIP private functions, ritual & rapture with sold out music concerts & sports events, our aim is to present UNIQUENESS with world’s best offers for an exclusive group of people under one roof.

SIMANTOV International | GALVANO VIP Offer

Galvano VIP Membership gives you 24/7 access to the Galvano Concierge team and brings you to top travel experiences, annual fashion shows, mega sporting events and the biggest movie premieres & much more!

The SIMANTOV International | GALVANO collaboration comes with many benefits to active matchmaking clients. As a welcome to we are offering you with every active matchmaking package: 

  • DISCOVERY + 1 Month GALVANO VIP membership Trial 
  • COSMOPOLITAN + 2 Months GALVANO VIP membership Trial
  • PREMIER + 3 Months GALVANO VIP membership Trial & Invitation to the Privilege Club.

The Galvano VIP membership is the entry card in the exclusive circle of  Galvano Group. With it, you have full access to all Galvano ONE benefits.

Your exclusive Galvano Brochure is waiting for you!