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Our Expert Matchmakers Will Reveal The Exact Qualities And Characteristics of Your "Perfect Match", So You Won't Pass Her By!


Stop Wasting Time On The Wrong Women.

 Have The World's Most Talented Jewish Matchmakers Show You

What Your Perfect Match Would Look Like.  

Aren't You Ready To Find Her?

If you've felt like giving up your search for the right Jewish Woman, you're not alone. Many Jewish Men don't find the right relationship for one of two reasons. Either they're not exposed to enough Jewish females due to their busy schedules, or they don't fully understand what their perfect match looks like - so they unknowingly pass her by.  

A crucial step in finding love is to determine the qualities you need (not want) in a partner. Most people don’t take the time to think about what they need until they are already in a relationship or until they are dealing with a relationship that doesn’t work.

Defining the type of partner you want to be with is a little like making a shopping list before you head out to the grocery store. It streamlines the process, keeps you from making random choices, and helps you to not waste time.

Simantov has been matching Elite Jewish Singles for over 40 years, so we can quickly identify what type of woman you need... And, we can find her for you!

  • Someone who’s classy and intelligent, who shares your cultural values…
  • Someone you can proudly introduce to your mother or father, and build your own family with...
  • Someone who fits perfectly into the life you've built and compliments you in every way!

After you get your"Ideal Partner Profile", you may wonder if that woman even exists.

Trust us, she's does. We know, because the women we work with are incredible.

Simantov's International Clientele is Full of
Extraordinary Jewish Women. 
Could Your Ideal Partner Be One Of Them?

Someone Like Bethany

Bethany is a 32 year old Biology Professor living in London. She loves curling up around the fire with a good book, or hitting the town for a nice glass of wine. She loves traveling, laughing and trying new things. Even though she works full time, she believes in living her life to the fullest! She's fluent in English, French an Hebrew. She's ready for a real relationship with a man who's looking for the same. She doesn't want to play games - she likes a man who knows what he wants and is willing to go for it! She appreciates honesty and a bold gesture!

Someone Like Yael

Yael is a 30 year old Dance Teacher that loves working with children. She's currently living in Spain, but is willing to relocate for the right man. She enjoys spicy food, chocolate ice cream and watching basketball. She has a degree in Art History with a minor in Dance, and loves a good conversation about current events or pop culture! She spends her free time volunteering at a local art center that works with senior citizens. She values her culture and traditions very much and wants a relationship with a man who values them as well.

Someone Like Miriam

Miriam is 33 years old and lives in New York City. Her major in journalism is being put to good use as a writer for a well-read magazine. She blogs in her free time, mostly discussing fashion, food, wine and entertainment in the Big Apple. She doesn't live near her family and misses them very much, but travels to see them several times per year. She is excited about the next chapter in her life and is looking for a Jewish Man that her parents would love. She can't wait to be a mother after she settles down.

Someone Like Eva

Eva is 28 and lives in Vermont. She loves the fall, watching the leaves change, and taking long walks in nature to clear her head. She's a nurse practitioner and owns her own practice. She is very focused on growing her practice and providing the very best care possible to her patients, so she doesn't have a lot of time to date. The men she's met don't understand her lifestyle and busy schedule, so she hopes to find a man who is passionate about his career as well. She likes going to movies, shopping, and watching historic documentaries in her free time. She enjoys peaceful silence and enjoys relaxing nights at home much more than going out.

Someone Like Hannah

Hannah is 34 years old and has a passion for life and excitement! She lives in Denver, Colorado and loves skiing, snowboarding and sitting around a fire drinking a warm glass of hot chocolate. She enjoys being active, exercising and staying fit. She cooks a lot and loves creating new recipes for her friends and family to try. She likes to go out on the weekends to restaurants, openings or concerts and wants to find a man who appreciates her religious beliefs as well as her fast paced lifestyle! She's ready to settle down, but hasn't found the right man just yet.

Someone Like Leah

Leah is 31 and is ready to find "The One". She feels like all of her friends are married, but finding the right Jewish man hasn't been easy for her. She loves to stay home, cook, read, and play with her two dogs. She doesn't go to bars, so she rarely meets anyone new, as her job in finance doesn't allow for her to be out and about. She loves her work, and is brilliant with numbers, but is shy and reserved. She runs every day and walks dogs at an animal shelter 2 days per week. She loves traveling to the beach, or anywhere with a beautiful view! She believes that a truly wonderful life means having someone to share it with.

"I came to Simantov a few years ago after too many unhappy love stories and many dating fiascos.  I had a very busy professional life and not much time to waste on hopeless dates.  I wanted to meet a woman with whom I could relate on every level: educated, attractive, open minded; above all, I wanted a woman with whom I could start a family. I met with Rachel and she set up a match.  I fell in love pretty much right away.  Marina is a beautiful, kind and very smart woman.  I felt so lucky to be matched up with her.  And I don’t know what she saw in me but, by some miracle, she fell in love with me too.  It all went very fast after that. Six months later, we were married and we now have a little girl! I would have never found Marina on my own, so I owe Simantov everything."

Stephane - Client 

Entrepreneur in Paris

How Do Simantov's Matchmakers Create

My "Ideal Partner Profile" From One Phone Call?

  • In your "Ideal Partner Profile" phone session, our matchmaker really gets to know you. They find out about your past relationships, why they failed, and what you look for in a new relationship. This allows them to confidently create you "Ideal Partner Profile", which gives you a dating roadmap to guide you moving forward. 
  • Our Matchmakers have worked with so many Jewish Men and Women over the years that they can quickly get to the core of your desires and identify needs you may have never even known that you had.
  • They're experts at asking the right questions to quickly uncover your strengths, weaknesses, and what type of partner will compliment them. They discover your "Deal-breakers" and what you can't live without.
  • After working with so many extraordinary Jewish women, they can quickly understand if you're looking for a woman who doesn't exist, or if you simply have high standards. Your match may be 1 in a million, but that doesn't mean that you can't find her. Our worldwide network has connected us with successful, intelligent, beautiful, cultured, fun-loving, kind, and talented Jewish women... so we know they're out there, you just have to know where to look!
  • 100% of our clients are Jewish, so we understand the importance of your religion or traditions when it comes to finding a woman to share your life with. This allows us to more quickly understand your past, your values, and the familial or cultural pressures that shape the way you approach finding a Jewish Woman or relationship. 
Matchmaking Service

A Quicker, Better Way To Meet Your Ideal Jewish Partner,

Even If You Have NO TIME To Date!

Typically, in order to find what you want, you have to experience what you don't want first. This is the major problem with online dating or even set-ups from family or friends. You're wasting time on the wrong Women if you don't know what you're looking for. With the information we'll provide, you'll know her when you meet her.  Stop wasting precious time, find "The One" With Simantov's Custom "Ideal Partner Profile"!

How Will My 'Ideal Partner Profile' 
Help Me Find My Match?

Simantov International Matchmaking is the world’s BEST, with results to back it up! We have an 85% success rate and more than 40 years of experience in uniting Jewish couples. That means we know a thing or two about identifying what individuals need in their partner to make the relationship work.

We take pride in helping to create strong Jewish families, and have been since 1975…

and we've been awarded multiple times for our world-class matchmaking service.

That’s because our team is comprised of real professionals who went under rigorous training and education to help you find “the one.”

Now, these same experts will be creating YOUR Ideal Partner Profile....

So you might be asking how this "Ideal Partner Profile" will assist you in your search for love.

The answer is simple.

 When you have a clear vision of the qualities and characteristics that your perfect match will possess (developed by the worlds BEST matchmakers) it helps you in two ways:

1. You avoid women who don't meet the criteria or that possess "deal-breaker " qualities. You stop wasting time on the wrong women, which gives you more time for the right one.

2. When you know what to look for, you become more aware of qualities or traits you might have otherwise ignored. This will open you up to a new group of women who possess the characteristics that you value in the woman you'll marry. This knowledge will help you find your perfect match.

Have you ever heard the saying "If you don't know where you want to go, you'll never get there."?

This is the same for dating. If you don't know WHO you actually need to be with, odds are, you won't end up with her. Simantov's Professional Matchmakers will show you the truth about what type of woman will make you blissfully happy, perfectly content, and spark a passion that will never burn out.


Don't Wait. Your perfect match is out there.
You just need to know what you're looking for!

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