Testimonial-Simantov International

Victoria & Daniel - New Jewish Couple Ready to Marry!

I had a demanding career that didn’t allow me to meet the right woman in person. I needed help and I got it through Simantov. They helped me find the missing piece in my life. For over 7 months now, I’m in a happy relationship with someone I met through Simantov! We are planning to get married soon and we are both looking forward to a happy future!

Testimonial-Simantov International

Marina & Stephane - The romantics happily ever after

“I can tell you a small secret too, the first time I saw him on Skype, I felt like there was something written on his forehead: “he will be a good husband”. I saw that he was a romantic when he covered the room in rose petals. We knew we wanted to get married after only 6 months. Simantov brought me the one that I would spend forever with. It truly is my happily ever after!”

Testimonial-Simantov International

Jonathan - A Web Designer From Tel Aviv

“I’ve always been kind of a nerd and was never very successful with girls, simply because computers were my passion. I had dated, but nothing really serious, and I felt I needed someone to help. I heard about Simantov at an event here in Tel Aviv and I made my first appointment. Their services and coaching introduced me to a fabulous girl.  She is French originally, but she has made aliyah.  We’re madly in love and I am going to propose soon!”

Testimonial-Simantov International

Jennifer - An Attorney in London

“Joining Simantov was not my idea; it was my mother’s idea.  I had just finished law school, was working hard at my first job, and although I wanted to find a boyfriend, I didn’t feel intense pressure to start dating seriously.  I had just gotten out a serious relationship that had ended badly. When my mother suggested Simantov, I just agreed to do what she wanted to make her happy.  But my view changed completely after I talked to Rachel.  She is very easy to talk to and understood me perfectly. Then it happened! I was introduced to Danny, who is the sweetest, most reliable, and most wonderful man a woman could imagine.  We’ve been together for over a year now, we are engaged and in the midst of preparing our wedding! Thank you Simantov!

Testimonial-Simantov International

Stephane - Entrepreneur in Paris

“I came to Simantov a few years ago after too many unhappy love stories and many dating fiascos.  I had a very busy professional life and not much time to waste on hopeless dates.  I wanted to meet a woman with whom I could relate on every level: educated, attractive, open minded; above all, I wanted a woman with whom I could start a family. I met with Rachel and she set up a match.  I fell in love pretty much right away.  Marina is a beautiful, kind and very smart woman.  I felt so lucky to be matched up with her.  And I don’t know what she saw in me but, by some miracle, she fell in love with me too.  It all went very fast after that. Six months later, we were married and we now have a little girl.

Testimonial-Simantov International

David - A Dentist in Frankfurt

“I have always been a loner and I have a very busy practice, which doesn’t leave me much time for myself.  One day I woke up and realized life would be a lot more fun if I had someone to share it with. However, I had not dated in a long time, and things had really changed. I tried online dating and I HATED it. I wasn’t good at choosing women for myself. That’s when my cousin suggested I used Simantov. I was immediately impressed by the way Simantov operates.  Mr. Weber gave me great insights into myself and he really knew what he was doing. I felt that I could relax and that he would take care of things.  I started being introduced, and finally I met Lisa. She is great, and we are perfectly compatible.   I would say it is miraculous but in reality none of this would have happened without the skill and intuition of Mr. Weber!

Michael a Businessman and Elena a Medical Doctor

In 2020 we started working with this super sweet guy named Michael from LA. He was a bit on the shy side and really wanted to find someone special. We tried out a bunch of options, but none of them really clicked. Fast forward to November 18th last year, and that’s when we introduced him with this amazing Elena from Prague. Yeah, there was this huge distance and a whole 9-hour time difference, but guess what? Half a year later, she moved to LA to be with him. And get this— they hit their one-year mark, and he popped the question. She said YES!

It’s kind of like something out of a movie, and it wouldn’t have happened without Michael’s and Elena’s understanding that sometimes you’ve got to shake things up, keep an open mind, and go with what FEELS right, not just what looks good on paper.

Mazal Tov to new couple! Here’s hoping everyone here finds that person who lights up your world!

Testimonial-Simantov International

Alana - An Accountant in Lugano

“I come from a very religious family and got married very young to someone I didn’t know very well.  Not too surprisingly, that marriage didn’t work. I focused on myself and then started thinking about dating again. My colleagues told me about online dating and it sounded horrible. So when someone at my synagogue told me about Simantov, I was immediately conquered by the idea.  This in a way resembled old-fashioned matchmaking -something I am familiar with – but with a modern twist. Mr. Weber is a very warm and understanding from the beginning. Through Simantov, I was able to meet two men who were perfectly appropriate for me. The second I fell in love with pretty much at first sight. He is old and I for sure would never have met him on my own! The age difference doesn’t seem to matter at all: Shimon is a very sensitive and cultured man, a wonderful listener and a great nurturer.  We’ve been married 3 years now and we couldn’t be happier. None of that would have been possible without Simantov!

Testimonial-Simantov International

Rebecca - A Sculptor From Brussels

“Joining Simantov was a big step for me. I am an artist, I like to think of myself as more rebellious than traditional. The whole idea of going through a matchmaker was unappealing. I wanted to meet a Jewish partner but I was aware that it was going to be difficult in my little Polish town. When I finally took the leap and called Simantov, it didn’t take me long to realize that they are not at all like the shadchanim of the past. Rachel understood my situation and reassured me that I could find my match, although I might need to relocate.  She explained to me that Simantov has clients all over the world and that it is not uncommon for your soulmate to be in another country. Simantov introduced me to 3 gentlemen, and then I met David, a musician from Brussels. We’re both artists and have a lot in common, including the way we view life and our place in the world. I relocated to Brussels and I love it!  We are engaged, planning a small wedding for next year, and we couldn’t be happier.  The truth is that without Simantov, we would never have met.  I am so glad I called them!”