Yom Tov always ensures to keep us busy bringing singles together, mostly around a table with good company and great food. It’s a perfect time for us all to slow down and prioritise what’s most important in our personal lives as we take time out of our professional endeavours. You might be asking yourself questions such as how has another year passed by? Have I achieved everything I set out to achieve for myself and for the greater good? Am I happy and fulfilled in my life and am I sharing that happiness with someone else? Rosh Hashanah is a time for reflection, a time to welcome good grace, good health and heaps of happiness in the year ahead. More often than not, we end up having a little more time on our hands and this gives singles in the Jewish Community a moment to think about sweet pairings of a totally different kind.
We want to give you the #1 top tip from our 7 Tips for finding love this New Year – Trust in the process. If you want something you don’t even just have to believe, you work towards it little by little and day by day and it’s the same when it comes to finding love – you firstly work on yourself and then it’s important to put a strategy in place to find a partner. If you want to meet someone special, for the long-term, take a look at what you are doing today and what more you could do tomorrow. Just do a little bit each day of online dating or offline via our global matchmaking team at Simantov International or by visiting any local singles events to really utilise all options for finding love in the Jewish community. Just because instant online matches are readily available doesn’t mean a relationship or marriage is also instant, it takes time, effort and emotional investment. Jump on the wave and trust that the process will get you there, you have to be in it to win it so they say.
If you find yourself making plans to get things moving in your love life – if not for yourself but for a moment’s peace from your mother next Yom Tov, then we have different options to keep you busy dating at Simantov International. We have a Global team of Matchmakers around the world on hand to assist you in your search for your someone special. If you’re thinking it’s about time you took action and took your love-life into your own hands then, of course, the best thing to do is register your details, with no obligation at all and a Matchmaker will soon be in touch for your complimentary exploratory chat to see how we can help. L’Shana Tova.