When the weather is nice, the pressure is always on to spend more time outside. You don’t want to take your date to a stuffy restaurant when it is so gorgeous out in the open air. Here are some ideas for memorable outdoor dates that don’t require a backpack or bug spray.

Ride in a Hot Air Balloon

Most people have never been in a hot air balloon before. This romantic outdoor dating idea adds a slight element of danger as you soar hundreds of feet into the air and observe the city and countryside in a way you have never seen it before. As you take in the sights, you can use the opportunity to get to know your date a little better. The excitement of the moment is sure to get you both talking as you point out famous landmarks, or you can silently take it all in.

Visit a Vineyard

Whether you prefer cabernets and pinots or Manischewitz is more your speed, visiting a vineyard is an excellent date idea. Many wineries are situated in idyllic landscapes, and you can try their offerings while taking in the beautiful views. Throughout the year, vineyards also provide visitors with the unique experiences of stomping the grapes (called pigeage) and bottling your own wine. If you or your date follow the laws of kashrut, make sure you choose a kosher winery.

Rent a Yacht

If you really want to impress, rent a yacht for an afternoon. You and your date can enjoy swimming off the side in a secluded area, and if you know your way around the galley, you could cook up a nice meal. Sailing is also a fun idea but requires a little skill. To really take advantage of the sun, pick your date up in a convertible.

Outdoor Concert

Just about every city has its fair share of amphitheatres and other outdoor venues where musical acts of all types perform. Whether it’s the hottest rock act or the local symphony orchestra, outdoor concerts are always a hit. In the summer, you can also usually catch outdoor performances by theater troupes. For instance, Shakespeare is particularly popular.

Go Fishing

Fishing is the perfect combination of water, warm weather, and boating. If you are a seasoned fisherman and own all of your own gear, then hitting the water will be easy, and you can teach your date a new skill. Otherwise, you can usually hire a charter boat and have a guide help both of you.