If you’ve been on a few dates recently and sadly had no luck, you might be feeling deflated, disappointed, and like your self-esteem has taken quite the hit!

1. Take the pressure off the first date. Focus on having fun, rather than finding ‘the one’
2. Have realistic expectations, and remember what is important. Dating a guy with a six-pack or a woman over 6’ should not be a ‘deal-breaker’.
4. On the date talk about subjects you love. You’ll feel more confident discussing subjects that you’re passionate and knowledgeable about.
5. Listen! Stop trying to fill the silences and start all the conversations. Sit back and appreciate what they have to offer, whilst taking the spotlight off yourself for a moment.
6. Give yourself a pat on the back for even something as small as turning up or sending a message. Dating can be hard, so acknowledge it when you’re doing something well.