It’s the beginning of a new chapter, no doubt most have you have set new goals, have aspirations and things you want to achieve in the forthcoming year. Your goals may be business based, aimed towards health and wellness or even about creating a lifestyle that works for you inclusive of spending more time with your loved ones. We all have milestones that we want to work towards but most of us don’t get crystal clear on the steps we need to take in order to reach them. Have you made some resolutions of the romantic kind? Have you decided that this year is your year to meet your person? If you have, then that’s really great and it’s the reason we exist but you need to get to grips with what you need to do when putting yourself out there again and gain some solid insight in how to attract the right person for you, for the long term. We can’t wait to help you on the journey!


We suggest, in order to prepare yourself for a new romantic beginning in 2018, it’s important to make it your business to develop a strategy to seduce the right Jewish single! You have to create the highest vision for your life and love in order to attract what you deserve and here’s a few steps to helping you along the way to being the best ‘you’ that you can possibly be: 

  • Be willing to take risks. If you’re holding yourself back because you are afraid of getting hurt (again) you’ll fall into the boat of those singles that stand in their own way when it comes to finding love. Make mistakes, meet people, take your learnings and do what it takes but whatever you do don’t   Learn from your actions, push your comfort zone and you will achieve whatever it is you want above all else in the world.
  • Like attracts like and so it’s a great idea to be positive in mindset – you’ll attract someone equally as positive in the search for a suitor and.
  • Trust yourself, you know yourself better than anyone else. Trust your gut and go with it, don’t pre-judge singles, especially if you’re doing online dating but trust your gut when you’re on the date – your instincts will never let you down.
  • Know your strengths and accomplishments and don’t be afraid to share them, ever. We aren’t often too keen on putting our full selves out there but what have you got to lose – you’re brilliant and you should be sure to share your achievements, passions and anything philanthropic you do with your time – it’s very attractive don’t you know?!
  • Be realistic in your expectations for yourself are you searching for someone based on values and moral compass or is your search based on surface level and subjective attractiveness.
  • See romantic possibilities and create your own dating opportunities rather than always questioning the ‘what if’s’ in life. Furthermore, if you’re that person that is simply sat waiting for him or her to cross your path – weeks, months, years and decades could go by – do something about it. He or she isn’t always just around the corner – you might have to put some work in but aren’t the best things in life worth working for rather than waiting for?

Wishing you all the luck, all the happiness and all the love in 2018. You deserve it and so much more.


Big Love – Sarah & The Simantov International team x