We bet you don’t know that many professional Jewish matchmakers.  There are not many of us about.  But are you able to imagine the qualities we need to be great at our job? Have a think then read on…


To build relationships with clients, earn trust, and make matches, takes time.   We don’t employ quick-fixers.

A good matchmaker always meets his clients in person and takes time to get to know them, their past experiences, current needs and expectations. The matchmaker and client have to be on the same page for the relationship to work.  Slow and steady win the matchmaking race.

At ease with people 

With every social encounter being an opportunity to make a match, networking is a vital skill for our matchmakers.  We never know who our next client is going to be; or if someone we meet at a party could make a potential partner for one of our current clients.  But this is not a sales job.  Our matchmakers are charming, warm and put people at ease.

Emotional Intelligence

Sensitivity and treating others with respect are vital for any matchmaker.  Dealing with clients when they feel vulnerable or upset is a daily reality.  We take time to get to know our clients until sometimes we know the must-have traits and qualities of their ideal partners before they’ve been able to verbalise them.

This takes significant levels of emotional intelligence and excellent listening skills. Matchmakers have to think with their brain and with their heart.

A giving heart

To develop relationships with numerous members; relationships built on active listening, trust and respect; can be draining for the wrong person.  Our matchmakers will hold your hand while we help you develop the positive attitude and the confidence needed for our process.

A matchmaker has to develop personal relationships with many clients, all of whom have their own history, personalities and demands.  Hearing negativity over past relationships while being aware of the need to encourage positive thoughts and attitudes can be challenging.  Being devoted to helping others – even when it can be hard work – is a key quality in a matchmaker.


Our matchmakers are often told that they are wrong. They rarely are. We know that our clients trust us to do the best for them, so if you don’t give up, we won’t either.  If we think a match has potential, there’s no stopping us!

How did you do? Did you guess the qualities we need to do our job?