This weekend, festivities will be organized in many cities across Germany in commemoration of the birth of Israel!

What began in 2003 in 3 cities has now grown and keeps on growing.  In 2013 more than 75 cities celebrated Israel’s 65th Independence Day.

People from all over the world get together, transcending borders and cultural and religious divides, to celebrate Israel, enjoy a good time and learn more about all the wonderful things this beautiful country has to offer: science and technology, business, culture, religion and more.

Under the patronage of Dr. Dieter Graumann, the President of the Central Council of the Jews in Germany, H.E. Yakov Hadas-Handelsman, the Ambassador of Israel in Germany, and in many cases the mayors of the participating cities, many organizations and citizens join forces to make this day very special.

As Sacha Stawski, President of ILI (I Like Israel) recalls ” In 2013, those celebrating were treated to a broad range of presentations and campaigns. Israeli wine was served. Oriental dishes were laid out on the tables. In Cologne, a scroll of signatures was on display. In Frankfurt, a Wailing Wall was erected, and in its crevices visitors could insert pieces of paper with their personal wishes, just like at the real Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. The main emphasis was, however, on the unique achievements and diversity of this young country. These were celebrated and aspects of the country were presented, which are normally ignored by the mainstream. Music groups performed Jewish and Israeli music. Trips were offered as raffle prizes. And blue and white balloons rose into the sky. That was Israel Day 2013 – different from location to location and yet unified in the love for the Jewish State.”

This year Simantov will be in Frankfurt to participate in the celebrations.  So come and meet our Director and our new representative, Rachel!

Or better yet, come to have fun, get informed and see if maybe you can find your beshert among the thousands of Jewish singles who will no doubt attend!