Meeting for your first date can be quite an event! Here are our tips for getting it right first time:

In the words of Oscar Wilde: ‘Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.’ At no time is this more important than on a first date. People tend to present an ‘airbrushed’ version of themselves when they first meet. Toning down your eccentricities is fine but don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. Your date wants to get to know you, not a cardboard cut-out.

Avoid Google! An air of intrigue and mystery will enhance your first introduction. Googling your date before you meet them may lead you to pre-form an opinion and miss the nuances of their personality.

Be present and attentive. That means leaving your phone in the car, or at least switching it off. The person sitting in front of you is worthy of your full attention and will appreciate your willingness to put aside distractions.

You only get one chance to make a first impression, so make it count. Think about what your appearance says about you and how you want to leave the other person feeling. Dress attractively. Men usually prefer clothes that accentuate a woman’s shape without being too revealing. Women like to feel that a man has made a special effort.

Chivalry is alive and kicking! Despite what the media says, most women are secretly flattered when a man opens a door or walks her to her car. Both sexes like to be complimented too, so long as the compliment is natural and genuine. Treating your date – and the restaurant staff – with courtesy and respect will earn you extra brownie points!

Food and Drink: Most women adore chocolate – even if they say they’re watching their figure. Order something sweet and delicious and watch your date melt! Always over-order rather than under-order dishes so you don’t seem mean. Watch your alcohol intake. More than two glasses is a bad idea. Being able to set your own limits will impress your date and help them trust your judgment…and their own.

Keep the conversation flowing. Ask questions and listen completely. Light-hearted, intelligent and upbeat are the way to go. Droning on about your ex’s (or your own) shortcomings is not.

Your date is not an interview! Avoid discussing your resume and bragging about who you know.

Be confident, laugh and flirt. Self-confidence is one of the most attractive qualities you can have. Even if the date is not going as well as you’d hoped, a dash of confidence and humour can rescue most situations.

Play slightly hard to get. Both sexes enjoy the chase and it pays to be a little unavailable. Gentle flirting is a sign you’re interested and choosy. If a kiss feels right for you both at the end of your date, go for it. But no further.