It can become very easy to feel a little stuck when it comes to dating. Stuck between the swiping of those who are not quite right or compatible with you and stuck for time to even think about doing so, as time is the one thing in life we can’t ever make more of. Understandably, we don’t have the want or will to head to a local bar in the hope to meet someone as well-travelled, educated, successful, physically active and balanced as we feel we are. Equally, we are aware that he or she may not just be ‚around the corner‘ as our parents always told us they were. Simantov’s clients can relate and are very much like you – super smart singles who are busy building their professional portfolio of investments, but they are not shy of realising their personal life is also in need of full project management.

Our clientele are singles looking for love who are time-poor, hard working, educated individuals who are invested in their personal and professional relationships, just as you are. The majority of Simantov’s clients are experienced investors, who are no strangers to mergers and acquisitions – perhaps you can also relate? They have personal and professional assistants, fitness trainers, nutritionists and many other professionals to help manage their life across the board, our clients are problem solvers. The next and necessary step to add value to their lives is investing in a professional matchmaker, their very own personal relationship advisor, to offer quality over quantity of introductions in their lives. 

The one thing that seems apparent to these individuals is that they are lacking in time. Surely, it’s the one thing they can’t make more of in the world, so they invest in a matchmaker to make some moves and make things happen for their love lives – the same way they are invested in all other parts of their lives. A professional matchmaker is viewed to our clientele as a project manager for the process of finding a match and understanding the dating process in order to be successful romantically.

A professional matchmaker is an investment that is for sure, an investment in your time to meet suggested potentials and in your trust in the process. Finding the right matchmaking firm, deciding the scope and scale of your search is all part of the partnering and decision making process you are used to in your professional life. A merger of minds and strategy to maximise time and scoping the pipeline of candidates is really what is necessary when investing in your personal life. At Simantov we like to talk about your partner prospects, we get to know you and we favour a necessary discreet, confidential, personal service for our clients who are really ready for long-term investments in love. 

As the keen portfolio manager that you are, you know that long-term investments are those that reap the biggest returns and so when it comes to your romantic life – aren’t you, like our clients, looking at the bigger picture with the best return for your love life. Are you ready to invest? We would be delighted to hear from you.