Over Yom Tov we get back to our roots and back to basics of the Jewish identity by spending time with family and friends around the dinner table. Where else? It can more often than not mean for singles in the community that their relationship status ends up being the forefront of conversation over the holidays and also during this time it can prompt moments of reflection in order to progress forward with what we really, truly want.

With the focus of the holidays being on family life, time shared, storytelling and being in the family home it can really be a thought provoking high holiday, especially when it comes to love and the search for one’s soulmate. We matchmakers at Simantov International would like to ask you to focus on your values, knowing your worth and what’s really important in both your qualities and your potential partner’s qualities, to make the love you share together last a lifetime.

Do you believe in yourself and know your worth? Do you also think about what is stopping you finding the love you deserve? It’s really important that you know yourself and be happy with you so you can share that happiness with someone else. Relying on someone else to make you happy or to be your ‘other half’ will not make you whole. You have to be whole and happy in you first and foremost. When you are ready to find your match and you are confident to share your values with us, we global matchmakers would love to hear all about who it is you are looking to meet, who like you, will be relationship-minded. Simantov works on a number of factors to make matches inclusive of ethics, integrity, diligence, family values, quality, worth and most importantly; social responsibility.

Yom Tov is a wonderful time to engage with fellow Jews in the community and so the possibilities of meeting a partner may be broad for you in this particular time. If this is not the case, and you are ready to broaden your horizons for an international search for your someone then do get in touch by filling out our application form.

Chag Sameach From Simantov International.