With the soulmate search currently on supercharge by our global team we have spotted a trend, moreover, a beautiful trend. The dating scene can sometimes feel exhausting both physically and emotionally but we are pleased to bring you some news of a dating mindset thats on the rise – philanthropy – singles that are looking to partner with purpose. How amazing is that?! We are getting so tired of hearing of new dating terminologies, trends and platforms that ooze negativity, rejection and unconstructive concepts for those out there actively looking to couple and are delighted to be the bearer of good news.

Simantov International tends to attract successful professional singles who are mindful, grateful and gracious who have the desire to promote the welfare of others, expressing this especially by the generous donation of money to good causes.

Our singles, more often than not, want to give back to the world in whatever capacity that may be, and so, what we are seeing is the soulmate search is an ever increasing ask for a similar mindfulness in a partner. Can you relate? Do you like to give back to the community, the world in time, energy or finances? If so then we may have a like-minded single waiting to meet someone just like you so do get in touch! We would love to hear from you!