French is considered by many to be the language of love, so looking for a partner in Bruxelles might just prove lucky for you.
The city’s Jewish population is around the 20,000 mark, so you certainly won’t be short of things to see and do which have a Jewish influence.

Centre Communautaire Laic Juifs
The CCLJ as it’s known is a fantastic starting point to look for a partner, especially if you’re into the arts. There’s always something going on here including events such as theatre, book groups, film club with debates, and concerts.
If you’ve recently moved to Bruxelles from another part of Belgium or further afield, the CCLJ is the ideal place to visit to integrate yourself into the local community and feel part of it.

Museum of Jewish Moroccan Art
When you want to learn a bit more about Jewish culture, the Museum of Jewish Moroccan Art has some incredible exhibitions on throughout the year.
Because of the subject matter, you’re likely to find a lot of other Jewish people here for the same reasons, so while it might not be an obvious place to look for love in Bruxelles; it’s still a good contender.

International Jewish Center of Belgium
The International Jewish Center of Belgium offers Saturday breakfasts as well as evening lectures for local Jews looking to learn more about their religion, taste some lovely wines or hear Jewish authors talking about the inspiration behind their work.

The Heart Museum
Where better to find love in Bruxelles than at the Heart Museum? This venue celebrates all things heart-shaped dating back centuries including many items of jewelry, sculptures and paintings.
It’s also a romantic venue for a date if you’ve already met someone you’re looking to impress.

Beer Tours
When in Rome (or Bruxelles), why not join in with the local culture. Belgium is famous for its beer and there are some really enjoyable tours talking you round the best pubs (many of them off the beaten track).
On these tours you’ll meet all kinds of people from different backgrounds including tourists and those new to the city. After your tour ends you may want to enjoy the company of some new friends and see what you have in common.

Bruxelles is a very romantic city with lots of beautiful parks and things to do. We hope you find someone to share this enchanting place with soon.