Argentina is home to the largest Latin American Jewish community with around a quarter of a million people, the vast majority of which reside in Buenos Aires.
When you live and work in Buenos Aires, you can’t help be influenced by your surroundings and we’ve listed some traditional Jewish things to do and a couple of other places where you might just meet Miss or Mr right.

Okay, we understand if you don’t have a date already, you probably don’t want to go to a restaurant alone. Why not take a friend though and keep your mind open as to who you might meet.
Onto the food, Mishiguene is refined Jewish cooking at its very best. We’d urge everyone to try this place at least once. On Shabbat, there’s a real party atmosphere in the restaurant and it’s a great example of how food can help bring people together.

Abasto Shopping Mall
Abasto is a traditional Jewish neighborhood in Buenos Aires. It’s not to everyone taste, but the mall is home to the only kosher McDonald’s anywhere outside of Israel.
The choice of shopping outlets is incredible and there’s also a cinema inside if you want a break from spending your hard-earned shekels!
A shopping mall may not be a common place to find a perfect partner, but love moves in mysterious ways and you never know what’s around the corner for you.

Come Dancing
There are salsa and tango halls aplenty in the Once/Abasto district if you want to try your hand at something new. These are a fantastic way to meet new people and learn a great new skill at the same time.
The dances themselves are obviously not traditionally Jewish but why not embrace some of the local culture and broaden your horizons a little?

Home of the Argentinean Jewish Community in many areas of life, the AMIA hosts regular cultural events at their HQ and in other venues throughout the city.
Music, festivals, workshops and theatre are just some of the events you can participate in and meet fellow Jews who have the same interests.

Whichever of these places you choose to visit (and we hope you’ll try them all), your chances of finding love in Buenos Aires will surely increase the more you get out and about and involved in the thriving Jewish community.