As well as being the world’s most romantic city, Paris is also a multicultural place to live with a large Jewish population of just under 300,000. The Marais is Paris’ famous Jewish Quarter and in this article we’ll showcase some of the highlights when your living in this beautiful city and looking to find love.

Rue des Rosiers
A stroll along this famous Parisian Street will allow you to immerse yourself in Jewish life in the heart to France’s capital city. There are delis, shops and restaurants worth visiting and while the Jewish Quarter may not be the size it used to be, there is plenty to discover. You never know, you may find that someone special who’s out for a walk in this remarkable rue at the same time.

Historic Walking Tours
There are dedicated Jewish walking tours available in Paris and these are a great way to explore the city further if you’re new to the area, or visiting on business. Synagogues, museums and fantastic kosher food all await you on these tours. They’re also a great way to meet other Jewish people who are perhaps new to Paris as well.

Le Piment Café
While this bar isn’t traditionally Jewish in itself, it is located in the bustling heart of Le Marais. Le Piment Café is upmarket and cozy without taking itself too seriously – perfect for a drink after work or to chill out and have a chat. While this probably wouldn’t be a good place to bring a date, you may well find a member of the opposite sex here that sets your heart all-a-flutter. There’s always a good-looking crowd of people frequenting this unassuming bar. Put yourself in the mix.

Hotel de Ville Ice Skating
In the colder winter months ice skating in Paris has a magic all of its own. The Hotel de Ville rink is incredibly popular so you may quite literally bump into to the man or woman of your dreams! If you already have a date, you’ll certainly get plenty of kudos from your partner if you bring them here for some open air romantic skating.

Paris is a city of almost limitless possibilities when it comes to finding love. There are art galleries, museums, cafes and scenic walks galore. What are you waiting for? Imagine how fantastic it would feel to find your true love in the City of Light.