Stuck for something to do on Tu B’Av? Here are some ideas for you:

  1. Organise a singles party themed around the colour white. All guests have to wear white and all flowers and decorations in the room should be white as well. You can have this party in a local synagogue, venue or your home. Add charming guests, romantic music and delicate finger food to create a magical atmosphere
  2. Get some girlfriends together with old clothes and accessories that you all no longer wear, and see what you can swap. Add some sangria for added fun. Why not get everyone to bring the phone number of a lovely man who was not right for them and see if you can make some matches of your own?
  3. You know that person you’ve been mooning over? That one you dream about, and scheme about, but never actually do anything about? Now’s the time to be brave and take things one stage further. Why not invite them over for a romantic homemade dinner or – better yet – a picnic? Bring delicious food and drink and then let your sparkling personality woo them. Go on, be brave!
  4. Do you think you’ve found your special someone? Tu B’Av is known as a perfect day for a proposal – so why not make your Tu B’Av a day to remember forever?
  5. Give us a call and let us help you find your soul mate.