Spring has sprung and so many of you singles have jumped out of the lull that the cold weather brings and sprung into action for your love lives. We are delighted to hear from so many of you looking to get back out there dating again and pleased to be welcoming so many of you on board who are ready to make love happen. So we’re doing the legwork but are you taking a look around you to see if you are date ready? Well you best get cracking on doing a self-check with these 4 steps as we have some catches out there waiting to get introduced to you.

1.  Get Organised. De-clutter your mind and your space at work and at home to welcome mindfulness and perhaps a new match. There is something very therapeutic about de-cluttering physically that has a positive effect on us mentally. Spring is here and time to clear out the old and get ready for the new. Could you do with a little de-clutter to get ready for dating again?

2. Get Moving. Movement is medicine for the mind and the body. You only need to do a very quick internet search to see the masses of medical research on how good physical exercise is for your mind and body. Why not feed them both with a spot of fitness and who know’s it might feed your soul on that soulmate search. Also, working out can be a great common ground, especially if you do it in groups to A) meet someone new or B) talk about on a date.

3.  Get Confident. Do you feel confident in the way you look or could your closet do with a do-over? The beginning of a brand new season is a great way to improve your wardrobe and make those changes so you look and feel great both inside and out.  Are you happy with the way you look? If not it’s time to make some changes and get closer to feeling a little more fabulous and so you can project that feel-good-factor all around. You don’t need us to tell you that you attractive what you give off and so if you are happy and confident like-minded match is sure to notice you soon enough.

4. Get Less Busy. Naturally, as a single you will look to fill your time with many activities, many friends and many family occasions – giving the illusion that you are perhaps the busiest person on the planet. This may be true and but ask yourself this – have I got time to date? Furthermore, have I got the time to invest in building a relationship? The answers have to be yes and pencilling someone in at lunch of post stressful working day might set yourself up to fail when it comes to making a match work. Find some time, make dating important and make that potential feel important – surely that’s what you would want too?

If you feel date ready or are almost there then do drop us a note to let us know. We are ready to review your matchmaking application and get you out there meeting your match again. Apply Here…