Tu B’Av is a day to celebrate love, affection and romance in the Jewish community.

It is a small but really rather romantic Jewish holiday and you will find that observant Jews tend to celebrate this rather than Valentine’s Day or both. For those of you that aren’t in the loop for this day of love the story goes that many years ago on the 15th of Av the daughters of Jerusalem would head out dressed in white and would dance in the vineyards, and if a man in the Jewish community did not have a wife he would go there to find a bride. The Talmud deems this to be the greatest festival of the year in the Jewish calendar, other than, of course, Yom Kippur. Tu B’Av is a very Jewish matchmaking day indeed, a day of both betrothal and marriage.

The holiday of love, which is both an ancient festival and a modern one due to the fact that it had gone unnoticed in the Jewish calendar for many centuries, is a really big day across the globe for weddings in the Jewish community. This holiday is said to link the night of a full moon with romance, love, and fertility and is very lucky for those in love and those wishing to find it.

In modern Israel Tu B’Av is a day of romance and affection. It is customary for those in the observant Jewish community to celebrate this day just as people would celebrate Valentine’s Day by gifting bouquets of flowers; often red roses to their loved one. If in Israel during Tu B’Av you will find there are events, parties and many weddings taking place on this special holiday of romance.

Our global team of matchmakers are delighted to have any excuse to celebrate romance, being in love and the journey each person takes to find their forever love. Tu B’Av is a wonderful Jewish holiday to do just that.

“Being someone’s first love is great but to be their last is beyond perfect”.