Family values are of the utmost importance to us and we are always looking to preserve and communicate them to the next generation. We treat our Global Network of MatchMakers at Simantov International with the same utmost importance- we are the ultimate finders of keepers in our niche market for connecting singles.

If you are ready to invest in your future by leading the way with us for providing the best service for shidduch across the globe then you can expect to learn from some of the best in the industry. We have been providing professional matchmaking services to the Jewish community for singles for 40 years and counting. We have a reputation to keep and so we will ensure to only take the best of the best personalities under our wings putting singles together for marriage via matchmaking.

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing romance blossom between two compatible people and this is our end goal as well as the intention for every match we make. Alongside the romance there are many core components to what we find essential in the simantov matchmakers shtetl too. These include ethics, integrity, family values, worth, diligence and most importantly quality; because we are the top of our fields and strive to stay that way.

If we invite you to join our global matchmakers one-to-one training program at Simantov International you can be assured that we have handpicked you, just as we do our clients and we are ready to take your matchmaking expertise amongst friends and family to the next level. We will grow your very own community as we grow our success list of marriages and mitzvahs as an international matchmaking company.

You will learn how to be an ambassador for our brand, how to vet and invite the right single applicants in the Jewish community and understand the levels we go to in order to ensure that we have an authetic database globally of those serious in their soulmate search.

If you wish to explore and apply to be part of our Global Network we would like to hear from you and should you be a great fit for Simantov International as a worldwide brand we will make sure to invite you for an interview where you will hear more about what’s involved. We will help inspire you to be exceptional in excellence at Simantov.