Advice on how to get a boyfriend ranges from the wise to the ridiculous. Everyone has an opinion on the best way to get a boyfriend, but not all the advice offered is helpful. After all, you don’t want to attract just any boyfriend, you want to find a man who will be there for you when the going gets rough, who treats you lovingly and who makes you laugh. How to get a boyfriend is easy. How to get the right boyfriend, not so much.

First of all, it is important to concentrate your efforts on deciding what you do want in a man, rather than what you don’t want. All too often, women complain about the fact that they can’t get a boyfriend, but because they are so focused on what they don’t want they end up attracting guys with exactly the characteristics they dislike.

Instead, imagine what characteristics your ideal boyfriend should have. Do you prefer the strong, silent type, or would you rather have a quirky mensch who will run out to the drugstore at two in the morning to get you some medicine when you’re feeling ill? The more you can keep the positive characteristics of the boyfriend you want in mind the more you will see it in the men around you. This way, you will be far more likely to end up with a boyfriend who is closer to what you want than when you were focused on the negative characteristics you wanted to avoid.

At the same time, it is important for you to be the sort of person that your ideal boyfriend wants for a girlfriend. Many women are so busy obsessing about how to get a boyfriend that they neglect to take the time to pursue their own interests and develop skills that lead to their own personal growth. Jewish men love intelligent Jewish women, so consider taking a class or learning something new that you can share with a potential boyfriend.

Most modern Jewish guys are far more interested in women who have lives of their own and who do not depend on a man in their life for all their happiness. Men tend to run from a woman who is too needy or who gives the impression of being desperate for a boyfriend. It may seem counter-intuitive, but oddly enough, the more time you spend not looking for how to get a boyfriend, the more quickly you are likely to get one!