Party Like A Jew 2013

For a Jew living in Europe today, dating can be difficult.  In most countries, the Jewish population is very small and diverse, and the number of possible partners is limited.  Finding a mate is even identified by some people as their biggest personal challenge.  This is why some communities make a special effort and organize events with the aim of fostering encounters between Jewish men and women.  One of the biggest and best of those events in Europe is called The Ball.  Its purpose is to “instill Jewish pride” and to help Jews who are otherwise isolated reconnect with their community.  As an added bonus, unmarried Jews sometimes find their life partners during the weekend.

The Ball takes place every year in Brussels, Belgium.  With its promising invitation to “Party like a Jew”, it attracts hundreds of Jewish students and young professionals.   Single Jews from all over the world – over 30 countries – come to participate in the festivities.  Although it is sponsored and organized by the European Center for Jewish Students, people come from as far away as Mexico to attend, hoping to find that special person who will make their lives complete.  The party begins on Shabbat and goes on through Saturday night into Sunday morning.  The weekend’s many organized festivities include music, dance and, of course, delicious kosher food!

Although most people do not find their match at The Ball, many are thrilled to meet Jews and to party in a Jewish environment.  The event has so far led to 9 marriages, and every year people come hoping to increase that number.

All Jewish people are welcome to attend, regardless or their level of religiosity, their affiliation or their sexual orientation.  The event is open to everyone, which makes it one of the most modern and fun ways for Jews to connect.  So if you are going to be in Europe during the weekend of The Ball, go and join the party.  Maybe you too will meet your soulmate… or, at least, share a L’Chaim with new friends.