For those looking to find a nice Jewish husband or Jewish wife, what becomes the primary difference between Jewish matchmaking and Jewish dating is the element of time. There are plenty of online Jewish dating sites where you can connect with other single Jews. However, there is no particular screening process involved, and the person at the other end of the internet may or may not be what they say they are. Many people spend months going on a series of fruitless dates before becoming frustrated and giving up entirely.

Jewish matchmaking, however, takes some of that unpredictability out of the equation by having any potential partners screened so that you don’t waste your time on dates that are likely to prove unsuccessful. Professional Jewish matchmakers pride themselves on getting to know their clients intimately. You can tell your matchmaker things that you would never tell your best friend. Because this allows them to choose someone for you who most closely has the attributes you are looking for.

Also, Jewish dating sites often attract people who are interested in dating, but who are not particularly looking for a commitment. When someone subscribes to a professional Jewish matchmaker, you can be sure they are serious about finding a partner with whom to have a long-term relationship with and who are more likely to be interested in marrying and starting a family.

Another benefit of Jewish matchmaking is that a matchmaker is able to provide you with personalised relationship advice, which is something you cannot get through online Jewish dating sites. We are not born knowing how to have good relationships; most people have to learn through trial and error. Your matchmaker may help smooth some of the bumps in the road that inevitably come with any relationship.

Using a Jewish matchmaker who takes a wide variety of factors into account when making a match can help get you past the initial hurdles of dating, so you don’t waste valuable time dating a lot of people who are not right for you. Modern Jewish matchmaking does the initial legwork for you so you can more quickly and easily find that match made in heaven.