Simantov celebrates Chanukah with JEP in Portugal

More than ever committed to finding soulmates for its clients, Simantov is expanding its network by joining forces with other Jewish organizations.

One of these organizations is JEP  (Jewish European Professionals).  JEP’s objective is to help European Jews between the ages of 27 and 39 in their personal and professional growth.  The organization, based in Brussels, sponsors events and programs which allow young Jewish professionals to meet, have a good time together and exchange ideas.  These events are a lot of fun, with participants coming from all over Europe and Israel and plenty of organized activities giving everyone the opportunity to talk about business and relationships, to network and sometimes even to meet that special person they were looking for.

One of these events was organized last weekend in a beautiful resort in Cascais, Portugal. A Simantov representative was invited to participate and one of the coaches who work with Simantov, Yossi Ives, led a couple of seminars on relationships.  The weekend was busy with a good mix of Chanukah celebrations, beautiful dinners and parties and tours of Cascais and Lisbon.  As is usually the case in JEP events, participants could also attend conferences: on dating and relationships (What men and women want in a relationship, Dating etiquette, etc.) and business (Professional dilemmas).

The weekend was a complete success.  The venue was gorgeous and everybody enjoyed spending time with other Jews, young professionals who are bright, outgoing and enthusiastic.  While it may be difficult to find your soulmate at such events, we would definitely recommend going, as they are a wonderful way to spend a fun and meaningful time!

If you want to find out more about JEP and the upcoming events, please visit their website.