Happy National Matchmaker Day to all of those wonderful people out there continuously placing their efforts into making love happen. Whether you are personally introducing singles, setting up dates or coaching clients to attract the love they so deserve, we are just thrilled this is now an official day to celebrate! We asked our Global Managing Director Sarah about what it takes to be a matchmaker, what a matchmaker is today and why would someone chose Simantov as an option for them on their soulmate search…

So what is a matchmaker by tradition and what is a matchmaker today?

Matchmaker’s are those that actively bring two people together via a personal introduction. They do this with the aim to set them up on a date where they can take it from there to see if they have enough commonality and compatibility to build a long-term relationship; possibly resulting in marriage. In the 1940’s and before most singles would start courting after meeting a romantic partner through mutual friends or via their family; what better matchmakers could there be than those that know you so well? Two people that had similar social and financial statuses or with the aim to gain on either would have been deemed ‘compatible.’ Nowadays the modern day matchmaker has to think about a lot more than that. They have to think about romantic connection, love, lifestyle compatibility, levels of attraction, the list of non-negotiable factors and the need to be on the same end page as that prospective partner. Spiritual and religious compatibility is also high on the list of wants from singles hiring a head-hunter for love. Being a matchmaker is a tougher job than some may think. Today singles on their search are looking for someone who can romantically bring to the table what most would agree takes a village.

Why would someone need a matchmaker today with all the apps and online opportunities to meet someone?

Those that are relationship-minded but time poor may find themselves in a situation where they seriously want to meet someone but can’t bare to dig through the masses of connects they have made online. There isn’t really a problem connecting with the world of singles out there via all the platforms available, but finding a genuine connection with someone who is on the same page, or even getting past those first three messages on whichever app can be a tough nut to crack. We have the singles world at our fingertips but converting the ‘matches’ to dates can make one feel more luckless in love than they perhaps originally felt when they signed up to swipe right. A matchmaker takes away that pressure, they connect you with someone on the same wave-length as you who wants the same things from life as you. You can hardly go on a first date and ask “how many kids do you want” or “are you a left or right-wing.” Dating should be fun and with the use of a matchmaker you can rest assured that the person in front of you wants your wants – the pressure is somewhat off.

Why should singles use a matchmaker, what are the advantages?

Hiring a matchmaker is similar to hiring a personal trainer, a mortgage broker or a personal assistant. They work towards an important aspect of your life in a targeted, regimented way offering advice, influence with good intentions and an action plan along the way to getting the best results for you. There are a few key advantages, amongst many, for hiring a matchmaker to meddle in your love-life inclusive of these three factors:

Safety Assurance. In most instances, especially here at Simantov International, matchmakers check that all persons are who they say they are via more than one piece of documentation. This saves you any potential worrying and time you might spend with online dating trying to verify a potential! 

Strict Confidentiality. Matchmakers have different levels of confidentiality that they work with but rest assured you will be in good hands and all information released about you to your match will be pre-approved by you beforehand in your agreement with your matchmaker. You’re in safe hands and your privacy is at the forefront of your meddling matchmakers mind.

Saving Time & Energy. Dating online can be exhausting, sometimes as human beings we can have too many options and so a matchmaker does all the necessary background checks, vetting of your potential suitor and narrows the options down to those that are potentially compatible with you on many levels. When searching for someone yourself you’re not only putting in time but a lot of energy. Unless it results in a great date or meeting someone you would like to pursue a partnership with, it can feel like a negative outcome. A professional matchmaker enables you to save all that energy and positively place all of that into your dates.

What does it take to run a global matchmaking company and why would singles choose Simantov International?

Simantov has been established for a long time, celebrating 40 years of matchmaking internationally in 2016. Being persistent in the long-term goals of the company to be a social enterprise, connecting and growing the small global Jewish community in love and on so many other levels, helps strengthen the company as a whole. A dedicated team of matchmakers, client representatives and brand ambassadors helps Simantov strive towards these goals and promote professional shadchan for all levels of religious practice in the Jewish community.

Single Jewish professionals might chose Simantov when opting in for a matchmaker for their search as they can be sure that there is a vast amount of work going on behind the scenes inclusive of vetting matches, interviewing potentials, growing an extensive database of singles to connect, spreading the word of simantov matchmaking services, introducing those singles and reviewing feedback for a reflective review of one’s dating process and practices. A matchmaker is able to review a clients dating practices and processes, either good or bad, enabling constructive criticism for the best success in finding love. You never really know a client fully until this review and reflection in feedback process. Understanding how someone perceives themselves versus how their dates view them is an interesting factor involved in matchmaking. 

How can someone become a matchmaker?

Becoming a matchmaker takes a lot of grit, especially if you are planning on setting up your own company, it’s not just a case of wanting to arrange a date for two people; there’s a lot of process behind the scenes and not forgetting the necessary and important business element. Being someones soulmate searcher takes a lot of patience, perseverance and you have to be savvy. The majority of the time matchmakers are dealing with the super successful who are smart and they want what they want and they want it yesterday, the same way they get the job done in their careers or companies. Working on personal lives is not as easy working on professional aspects and delivering in the same way, matchmakers are dealing with people and not products and so they continuously have to adapt to the needs of the clients and industry standards. Training to be a matchmaker can be done in the UK by The Matchmaker Academy or in NYC at The Matchmaking Institute. Alternatively if someone would like to become a brand ambassador for Simantov International they are welcome to email info@simantov-international.com.