Single this Seder night? Well that’s not a problem – at least not for us. A recent article wrote of a Jewish dating scene that is stagnant and even went as far to refer to it as the 11th plague. Okay, we agree that it is tough out there to be jewish, single and pro-actively looking for your prospective partner no matter what age of life you may be in. We are gladly happy to respond and say it’s not stagnant here at Simantov International.

There is nothing wrong with holding out for someone who is Jewish at all- with the instilled values of family, community and business savvy singles in every Shtetl why wouldn’t you. See the problem is we are not thinking outside of the box- the key is to get our thinking caps on and catapult matchmaking on a global scale in our search for suitors. Simantov International, proud to be the modern jewish matchmaker, are ever expanding their pool of potentials.

Granted there are indeed, according to said article; synagogues, party planners and matchmakers a plenty but all of these mitzvah makers are mainly working on a small network of people in each Shul or community and not thinking on an international scale. Surely if,  as a jewish single, if you are that serious about dating in the community you are going to search further a field? It just makes sense and is not at all rocket science. At Simantov we are simply bringing the international community of single jewish individuals together, in one place, in one pool – one Shtetl.

Being Europe’s most experienced matchmaking agency for like-minded Jews we pride ourselves on being the go-to for those singles looking for a serious relationship. Matchmaking on an international scale gives us the edge, the right people and the right level of commitment from our clients we need to find them their ‘one’. This is a two way process- our clients are just as serious in their search as we are to finding them a suitor internationally. To us searching on a global scale is a no-brainer. Afterall, for the right match we do believe our clients will move anywhere for love. Perhaps we are hopeless romantics but we haven’t been running for almost 40 years just because of fiddler on the roof! Our passion is to make miztvahs and we think our clients really get this.

So guess what? we’re staying positive this Passover as there are many other single like-minded jews out there- they just haven’t met you yet! who knows…maybe this is the last time you are single for seder. Afterall, you have nothing to lose by dropping Simantov’s Modern Matchmakers a line. Just send an email to