Are you one of those women who would never, ever date a short man? You would never date any man shorter than you, that’s a given. Come to think of it, you would never even date a man who is not at least 6 ft tall even though at that height he would tower almost a foot over you.

First thing you need to know, and you can choose to take that as reassuring if you want, is that you are not alone. It is a documented fact that most women want their partners to be tall. So much so that most make size a deal breaker when looking for their “soulmate” on dating sites.

And that may be just why they and you haven’t found their dream partners and are now here with us, reading this blog. Because in reality tall men are not necessarily all they’re cracked up to be. They have no reason to be. But the problem lies with us, not with them.

The truth come from Simantov Matchmakers- we women don’t want tall men because they’re tall. We want tall men because we associate being tall with certain personality traits which we assume go hand-in-hand with being tall. We want our men to be strong, smart and protective. We want them to be handsome, driven and successful. We want them to be, let’s admit it, a tad dominant. But at the same time, we want them to be attentive, generous and kind. We want them to be good listeners and compassionate. We want them to love us as we are, and to love us well when things get physical.

Nothing says, of course, that tall men cannot be all of the above. But because there are no “personality traits” associated with size, tall men are NOT necessarily smarter, more protective or stronger. They are just … taller.

Shorter men, on the other hand, tend to build their personality in response to what they perceive from a tender age as a challenge. By the time they get to be adults, most short men have learned that they can’t rely solely on their physique to attract -and keep- women and they have developed character traits that will allow them to survive as a species.

This is why, on average, shorter men are better listeners, more protective and more forgiving than taller men. They are used to having to shine with their inner beauty, intelligence and skills instead of merely trusting God-given gifts to do the job. They are more compassionate because they themselves are often the underdog. They are more protective because they understand the meaning of struggle. And they are better lovers because they are more attentive to others and eager to please.

You want a partner who will cherish you, protect you and love you as you are for the rest of your life? Understand that you have a much better chance with a short man than with a “picture-perfect” tall, dark and handsome one. Perfection is not human and life is too long to base important decisions on pictures.