If you met Baruch by chance, at a bar or at work, there is absolutely no way you would be able to guess what an interesting background he has. Tall, thin, with a chiseled face framed by jet-black hair and piercing blue eyes, Baruch is what one would call a very, very handsome man. Always impeccably dressed, casual but stylish, one could easily mistake him for a model. But runways are not where Baruch spent his youth. Born and raised as a Hasidic Jew in Brooklyn, this 35 year-old man spent the first part of his adult life studying in a yeshiva, struggling to combine religious studies and college education, all the while questioning the lifestyle that was presented to him as his future. When at the age of 22 he finally decided to break from his community, he already had a clear idea of what he wanted for his life: his Jewish background was important to him but he didn’t want to sacrifice his secular education for the sake of religion or because it was time to get married. Being particularly bright and perseverant, he managed to reach his goal.

Earning a PhD in Jewish Cultural Studies and getting a job at a major US university. Several years later, Baruch is now a full professor. He lives his life as a Modern Orthodox Jew, has renewed contact with his parents and siblings, and feels at peace enough with who he is to want to have a family of his own. The way he describes his ideal woman is very sweet: she should be petite, caring and a good cook, just as his beloved grandmother was. But unlike his grandmother, she should also be educated and have a strong personality. Baruch likes to have long conversations, to discuss politics and literature, has quite an esoteric taste in movies, and he would like to be able to share all that with his future wife. A lady who has a similar religious background would be preferable, maybe, but it is not an absolute requirement. Because, as Baruch likes repeating, the real “him” is what he is now and not what he used to be. If you want to have an informal chat about matchmaking with Simantov International get in touch!