Valentine’s Day is coming up in a few days and you do not have a Valentine to celebrate the day with.  For weeks now, you have been eyeing the heart-shaped boxes of chocolates and other little cute red gifts lavishly displayed in every shop window, despairing the fact that you are neither going to get nor give any this year.  But as the day is approaching and the sadness mounting, you should not forget that your options are many.  Here is how you, single as you are, can spend the day of love:

– you can chose to mope all day, fully equipped with a gallon of ice-cream (Bridget Jones’ style) or a case of beer (the equivalent for men).  While this may offer a temporary relief, it is unlikely to do anything good for your self-esteem and will lead to nothing else than an expanded waistline.  Not a good idea!

– you can, as many people do, choose to express your love and appreciation to a person who is not your partner: a friend, a co-worker, a family member …  And if that person is also single and has nothing on his/her agenda for that day, plan to do something together like seeing a movie, having dinner together …  An evening doesn’t need to be romantic to be enjoyable.  Just have a good time!

– you can decide to take care of someone who should be high on your list of the people you love:  yourself.  Do something that will make you happy, as a gift to yourself.  Get a massage, buy yourself a good bottle of wine and treat yourself to a nicer-than-usual dinner, splurge on a theater or concert ticket …  You deserve it.  If nobody else is there to take care of you, do it yourself!

– finally you can decide to give yourself the best gift of all: the chance to change your life and to meet your beshert.  This year Simantov is offering a special Valentine’s Day package to people who, like you, are still single but would love nothing more than to be in a stable and loving relationship.  Look at our offer, and start today on your path towards love and happiness!  That may be the best idea of all!