So we’ve already learned that old fashioned matchmaking is on the rise with secular Jews.

But did you know that:

2. You don’t need to be religious to use a matchmaker

Though matchmakers are traditionally much-used in the Orthodox world, you don’t need to be religious to use one. As the only accredited Professional Jewish Matchmaker in the UK, we are happy to find you a match irrespective of your levels of observance or spirituality.

We will ask about this, of course, as it’s important for matchmaking purposes, but we are not here to judge – just to find your beshert. For more information on what we will ask you, check out important things we ask which might surprise you….)

If you are worried about using a matchmaker for any other reasons, don’t be. We’ve spoken to thousands of people in your shoes, and understand how you feel. To read about one of our clients – and her hopes and fears, check out Danielle’s story.

Conversely, though we have many clients, you will receive a personal one to one service at all times.

3. It really works!

Our quickest ever match was Stephane Schiller, a non-religious 41 year-old financier from Paris. We introduced him to his now wife just two weeks after he signed up.

Stephane said: “She’s the girl of my dreams – she fits all my criteria. We chatted online in a 3 way conversation, and then I invited her to Paris. I’m very lucky – we just clicked and fell in love.”

In the last 25 years, we’ve been instrumental in making hundreds of matches for people who are still happily married and have now have children of their own.

Jewish matchmaking in the UK is alive and well

If you would like to find love like Stephane, check out our eBook – packed full of tips to help you find love. Or why not give us a call? It could change your life.

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies”. Aristotle