As you already know, Simantov is teaming up with the European Maccabi Games 2015, a major Jewish sports event which will take place in Berlin this summer, between July 27 and August 5.

At Simantov, we are all great athletes of course – lol – but this is not the reason we decided to get involved in this project. The reason we are involved is that we think EMG2015 is going to be a fabulous event not only for athletes but for all Jews and particularly for single Jews.

Think about it: where and when else will you be able to find such a vast gathering of Jews, of varied ages and varied levels of religiosity, all coming to one spot for the express purpose of having fun for a week, in a great city, around a theme which, for once, is not divisive: sports.

If you are into sports, the EMG 2015 are an event you definitely shouldn’t miss: with competitions in over 20 different sports – ranging from archery and soccer to chess- and more than 2,000 athletes from 30 countries, there will be something for every sport aficionado.

But even if sports is not exactly your thing, you should consider joining us. Many other activities will be organized around the Games and in every one of them, from Shabbat dinner to touring Berlin, you will get to meet fellow Jews, you will make new friends and, who knows, you may even meet that special someone you have been looking for…

There are many ways to participate in the Games: whether you are a spectator, supporter, volunteer, athlete or champion, we will be so happy to see you there and to participate with you in this wonderful celebration of Jewish togetherness. So don’t hesitate, come and join us!

For more information about participation, accommodations, program and much more, check out the official website of the Games.