Tracey Fine & Georgie Tarn, are the British Thelma and Louise of kosher cooking.  They met at the tender age of nine at the kosher Catskills of Europe – The Grand Rimini, Italy, and instantly hit it off and as fate would have it, they ended up sitting next to each other at school. They had started down the road called ‘life’, BFF (isn’t that what the kids say??) Both were inspired by their Grandmother’s and Mother’s balabusta capabilities, catering for twelve when they only had four for dinner.  Even as children they would cook together for the Jewish holidays.  Growing up in London, England, brought engagements, marriages, three husbands (you work it out) and five beautiful, talented children.  Tracey ran an international Internet giftware company and Georgie was a top London fitness trainer, but their common denominator was always food, family and friendship. 

In 2005 they both felt so passionately about Jewish food and lifestyle, they saw a niche in the market to create something new and refreshing, the result, The Jewish Princess was born, a cross between Sex in The City meets Desperate Housewives meets Jewish food, a new, modern, comedic cookbook.  They have published through Quadrille in the UK, The Jewish Princess Cookbook, The Jewish Princess Feasts and Festivals, and The Jewish Princess Guide to Fabulosity. Their fourth book The Modern Jewish Table is being launched in August 2017 in The United States by Skyhorse Publishing.

Since starting the incredible JP journey Tracey and Georgie have worked on TV in the UK with John Torode from Masterchef and Hardeep Sing Kohli teaching them how to make Chicken Soup. And discussed Rosh Hashanah with Tom Parker Bowles and Matt Tebbutt from Market Kitchen. They have spread the word on kosher cookery with Jenni Barnett from Great Food Live, plus regular radio interviews on BBC, LBC, REM, and have made many store appearances from Harrods, Selfridges, (no 1 best seller at Christmas) Fenwicks to Waitrose.

They have spread the word of kosher cookery across the radio airwaves in the UK, Spain and America. They have travelled all over the UK and completed two book tours of the USA, of course they enjoy occasional R & R Rest and Retail therapy!

Their upbeat, entertaining Princess Positive look on life, family, food and friendship brings fun, style and a dash of chutzpah to the kitchen.  Their energy is infectious; they reach out to all cultures and share with them the secret of what makes Jewish food so fantastic.  They write from the point of view of a home cook and believe that if ‘they’ can do it so can ‘you’, so much so that even the most reluctant cook cannot help but feel inspired to don their apron, (Jewish Princess of course,) and get cooking.

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