A warm welcome on board to our new client representative and dating coach in Russia Illya Kirzhner.

Illya has extensive experience of working closely with singles of both genders, with couples and divorced individuals. Illya is 34 years old and was born in UdSSR, then moving to many different cities inclusive of living in Germany and in Moscow. Now Illya resides in living Switzerland, near Bern, working as a client representative for Simantov International.

Thanks to his Jewish upbringing, Ukrainian and German nationality and previous business activities Illya has a high level of alignment with his work to both coaching and consultation, (business)-partner mediation, hospitality and wellbeing. With that said, Illya’s work had him working very closely in alignment with Jewish matchmaking services for over 10 years. Illya speaks fluently in German and Russian and has very good conversational English. You can find Illya travelling extensively through Germany and Eastern Europe, enabling clients to be connected across the continent and beyond given his experience. We truly believe Illya will be a great asset to Simantov and those Jewish singles in the search for their soulmate. 

Illya started his career as a PR assistant by Patent agency Zisser GmbH in Berlin and then he moved on to work as an event and project manager in Berlin. Working as a consultant and coach in Zurich Illya operated in the Swiss dating community with about 1200 singles. Illya is a writer, web-designer and translator, since 2016 a member of The Union Of Swiss Authors (AdS).

Illya´s educational background are cultural sciences, history of the arts and philosophy (Master of Arts) by renowned Humboldt University of Berlin. He also studied philosophy by the University of Zurich (Master´s Degree). Actually he is studying creative writing and cultural advisory (Bachelor) by Swiss Literature Institute, Bern University Of The Arts. He is working on philosophic dystopia about the future of the female gender.

 Simantov will do their utmost to put Jewish singles in the best position to meet a life-partner through matchmaking, coaching and life-transformation and were awarded Best Matchmaking Agency 2016, we are thrilled to welcome Illya to the team. For our next available interviews enquire here.