Yom Kippur is a rather trying day in the calender when it comes to creating a culinary experience to tell the world about. We rest, recoup and reflect on this High Holy Day and so putting together a feast for the thousands is really not an option. There are no specific guidelines as to what we should consume to break the Yom Kippur fast- some of us may have been sensible enough to prepare something the night before but for most across the world it is quite customary to have something light on the empty stomach so for this blog lets turn to our trusty and toasted friends – Bagels. We take a look at some of the best bagel eateries around the world- funnily enough in places you can meet our Global Network of Matchmakers who can probably give you their marks out of ten for each bagel bakery!


Beigel Bake – Open 24 hours since 1977; not that you can wait another moment to break the fast. Based on the legendary Brick Lane in London’s East End serving the freshest of the fresh baked and filled bagels. Hot from the oven, boiled before the bake, New York style; this is certainly somewhere that people travel for miles to get their fill. Doesn’t matter if you opt for smoked salmon or salt beef each is destined to be a great choice for breaking the fast. Famous, filling and unforgettable in the world of bagels. You can thank us later for this one.

Rinkoffs- Established 1911 also open 24/7; with no signs of slowing down. Tucked away in a quiet courtyard in Whitechapel you can find Rinkoffs bagels stocked just behind their freshly baked hot challa loaves. An artisan bakery proud of it’s Jewish heritage this bagel one-stop-shop boasts clientele such as Selfridges, John Lewis and Harrods supplying their baked goods are a great option for filling the fridge with break-the-fast-bagels.


Bagels and Brownies – presenting an array of baked essentials since 1999 in the romance capital that is Paris. Bagels and Brownies are based on Notre Dame des Champs this eatery is a quick and easy option for breaking the fast to fill a hole with something either savoury or sweet but what is certain is that it will be oh so satisfying. Small, quaint and stocked to the ceiling with quality baked goods you will find this a great option for stateside themed snacks this Yom Kippur. Sharing their taste for traditionial yummy goods with that je nais se quoi you can select whichever USA state named bagel tickles your fancy this fast.

Factory and Co. – Established with excellent food and excellent service in 1989. Don’t ask us – the numerous reviews on trip advisor speak for themselves. Some say 5* star bagels are to be expected in this bakery. What more could your empty stomach need to break the fast this holiday? We’re sold- we don’t know about you. Premier baked goods in a family run establishment, making it in the press in Paris time and time again and even receiving a certificate of excellence from the New Jersey Bagel Institute.

New York

Brooklyn Bagel Co –  They say it’s something in the water that make NYC’s bagels the be all and end all of baked goods. No wonder the whole world boils, bakes and aspires to re-create what the big apple has to offer when it comes to our favourite snack. If you’re opting in for the Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Co. to break the fast then you absolutely can not go wrong. So many options in Chelsea and Astoria – the only thing to do is ask which was last to come out of the oven; take that option and you simply will not regret it. With 10 years in NYC they boast being organic and a great option for a healthy, hearty feast that your tummy will thank you for this Yom Kippur.

Ess-a-Bagel – Est 1976-  Some say hands down considered the best bagel you’ll ever have in NYC. If you’re breaking the fast in Mid-town Manhattan then surely there is no other place to go? Bagels, bakes and more you will find this deli to be more than just that and for those that need it; it’s kosher certified. Yippee it all sounds too yummy!  Gene, Florence and Aaron an Austrian baking family knew what NYC needed- some hand-rolled bagels. So much so that this family establishment was voted best in the Tri-state. Bagel-icious! Expect queues for this one.

Wherever you are in the world breaking the fast and browsing our best picks of bagels from around the globe- we wish you a wonderful, restful day with family and loved ones.  And for those of you not breaking bread with your beshert this Yom Tov you know where we are and how searching for your soulmate is our calling at Simantov International. Contact us for more info