If you’re single this Valentine’s day, you are not alone. Firstly, to put it into perspective about half of Americans are single. Secondly, even if you haven’t found your someone yet you have to have faith that the best is yet to come. Finally, if anyone deserves all the love, attention and admiration this Valentine’s Day – it’s you! Whatever your hobbies, interests, passions or whomever your favourite people are, they deserve to be celebrated. What a better day to do that than Valentine’s Day?

So join the millions of other singles – a quarter of them apparently- who on Valentine’s Day will celebrate love, love for their friends, love for their family, and yes, also, love for themselves. Here are some ideas that will help you make this day your best Valentine’s Day ever:

Go classic:  in many parts of the world, it has become a tradition for people to exchange gifts on Valentine’s Day. Last year in the US 52% of people gave cards, 47% gave candy and 34% flowers.  So while we won’t suggest you write yourself a card, how about getting flowers delivered to your home or office?  Or buying a nice box of delicious chocolates just for yourself? Forget your diet for a short time, today is a day you should focus only on pleasing yourself.

Go out:  While many people get presents, it seems that almost everyone would rather get the gift of experience.  Is that true for you too? If it is, book a table at a nice restaurant and savor the fabulous food that often makes up the Valentine’s Day menu.  Or go see a play, a concert or a movie.  Make that day something to remember.

Go soft: What’s better as a gift than a bit of pampering?  If that is something you like but never have time to do, book a massage or a facial after work and indulge in ultimate relaxation. The good news is that half the people will be out with their partner so it will be easier for you to find a spot.

Go crazy:  the best way to fight the blues is to laugh, of course.  Laughter is also the best medicine:  it releases endorphins, works the abs, lowers blood pressure and all together improves health.  Why not rent a comedy show, grab that box of chocolates and spend the evening getting in touch with your silly self and laughing your head off?

Go dutch:  you don’t want to be alone?  Why don’t you call one of your single friends and the two of you can go out on the town.  You can either keep it quiet or hit the bar or club scene where you will be joined by countless other singles looking to have good time too.

Don’t go anywhere:  and what if you just took the day off?  Stayed home, got up late, had a lazy breakfast and a long hot bath?  Read a book, watched TV? Listened to the rain fall while you are all cozy inside?

Whatever you decide, make it day your day! Happy Valentine’s Day!