“This is one meeting you really can’t leave to chance.”

Simantov International are celebrating 40 years of Modern Day Matchmaking for the global single Jewish community looking for love and marriage. We have re-visted and refurbished our website and even added new tailored packages to enhance your experience whilst looking for your Beshert with us Simantov International. We hope you will be just as excited about matchmaking as we are; especially with our new and improved website!


We once said that if you are looking for your soulmate and, if you are reading this on our site, chances are that you would like him or her to be Jewish and this really is our core focus- to turn MatchMaking into marriage for all of our Jewish clients the world over looking for love. We are certain you will agree that there is no better job in the world then to match for marriage. Hiring a Matchmaker is not for the faint of heart. Chances are you have tried two or three options including your Jewish Mother before us – we do delve deep into the kind of match you are looking to spend your days with as we are a a personalized, emotional service with your best interests fully at heart whilst looking for your Simantov Soulmate. We will be your support system in every way we can possibly assist until we see you in that much deserved marital bliss- this is our goal and we do aim to achieve.


We hope you will find our new website easy to navigate, we are very easy to contact and our tips and journal notes are there for your perusal to ensure you receive the best service for your Simantov search as possible, especially with our large global network of Client Representatives. Being there for our clients, no matter what country they reside in is our number 1 priority. Our Global team ensure your search worldwide is stress free and enjoyable so you can make each date with potential Simantov suitors count. Your time is precious- we are sure you will agree.


So what are you waiting for? With 40 years of experience  we are here for you so let’s start your search today!