Dear Ladies,

We are pleased to announce a new PREMIER search which we are conducting in cooperation with an elected Israel based matchmaking firm. We are in the process of selecting single ladies ages 27-35 years old. Our C-Level executive is a youthful 38 years old who has gorgeous Sephardi looks, an athletic physique, and stands 180cm. He has a dynamic and vibrant disposition where very little stresses him out in life. Unlike many successful C-Level executives where ego is front and center, our client has an understated confidence about him which lends to his sex appeal. He’s very family oriented, generous, spirited, social, masculine, and ready to move into the next step of his life. A natural nurturer, he takes tremendous pride in helping those he loves and believes that family is the most important thing in the world.

He is typically drawn to women 27-35 years old, Jewish culturally but not very religious, petite to athletic, and with a preference for a feminine beauty. He’s most attracted to women who are drown-to-earth, loyal, super genuine, fit and likable. Our bachelor loves a women who is not afraid to speak up, enjoys a healthy debate, and won’t be timid to challenge her man. She’s a good conversationalist and seeks fulfillment from constantly learning.

Although the bachelor loves the good life (cars, wining, dining, travel, and giving back to the community), an integral part of the who he is that he has had to work very hard to get to where he is at. There’s zero entitlement or pretension with him and his dream girl will not only appreciate his work ethic, but share the same core values as he does. In other words, she might like the nice things in life but absolutely is not defined by them.

Here are some sparking characteristics about the gentlemen:


  • 38 years old
  • 180cm
  • single (never married, no kids)
  • sportive & outgoing
  • highly educated with a M. Sc.
  • C-Level Executive
  • world traveled
  • handsome & good looking
  • born in Israel but has a sophisticated European culture
  • currently resides between Europe & Israel and travels for business around the world

The way this process can work for you: If you agree, we will forward your short profile (no contact details included) and some of your photographs to the agency. Then, the agency is going to discuss with their client your candidature. Once there is an agreement from their side, we will inform you and share the respective contact details so that an introduction can be arranged.

If you feel like you make a great potential match for our dream PREMIER CLIENT, please email us ASAP at and tell us why you might have what it takes. There are NO ADDITIONAL FEES for those who are our clients and qualify.

To your inevitable success!

Your SIMANTOV International Team