February is fast approaching and many of our clients will be out meeting each other, it’s also one of the busiest times of the year where singles the world over are pro-actively looking to be romanced. We thought it would be appropriate to take a look at some of the do’s and some of the don’t when you head out this Valentine’s weekend to be romancing or to be romanced by your potential beshert.

Take Your Time. In a time where dating applications have made us look not too far from the physicality of another person most singles are looking for love at first sight. We have to be honest and realistic, the chances of it being love at first glance are rather slim. This can sometimes mean that we switch off on a date before you have even gotten to the starting line. It’s important to ensure you that you remember beauty is more than just skin deep and indeed whilst you need to be attracted to one another, it takes more than this to make a relationship work for the long-term, especially when you’re in the midst of marriage.

Show The Real You. Be yourself and let your confidence shine through, there really isn’t any point in pretending to be someone that you are not, should this work out for the long-term, your date will find out eventually. Be true to yourself, be true to your date and remember whilst it’s normal to have those first date jitters there is no need to nervous as you are who you are; that’s nothing to worry about, we think you’re a catch.

Forget Politics & Professional Pressures. Whilst it is attractive to show you are stimulating on many levels, including intellectually, we advise to steer away from airing your strongest political views, on a first date at least. We deal with business minded personalities who are certainly interested in politics, professional endeavours and all the bits in between but a first date should be light-hearted, civilised and free of the stresses of talking shop. Really get to know each other without strong debates on this valentine’s date.

Be Fully Engaged. It’s important to not only answer questions on a date but to remember to pro-actively ask your date questions too. You need to show you are interested in who they are and what their story is rather than just telling your own tales. It is difficult as sometimes first meetings with a potential mazal has a whole washing machine of jitters that get in the way. We get this but still make the effort to remember to be engaging in conversation. It just takes the pressure off one side of the table on date night.

Manners Go A Long Way. Manners may perhaps be the most attractive trait a person can possess, at least in our eyes at Simantov International. Of course, the kind of clientele we look after are emotionally and intellectually sound and so the gents know to be chivalrous and the ladies polite. Manners are one of those things that don’t go unnoticed and are perhaps one of things people remember the most about a person. Be courteous and let your best self shine through in a considerate manner. With manners romance will never be dead.

Wishing all of the singles in the Jewish Community a wonderful Valentine’s weekend. For any more details about how you can be on your journey to finding ‘the one’ register your details with us. Simantov International Enquiry.