Our clients, just like the whole of the human race, are looking for love if they haven’t already found it. It’s truly the one thing we only ever need in life; companionship. You can make all the money in the world, achieve every goal you set out to reach and be lucky enough to travel the globe ten times over; but what is all of this for if you have no one to share it with inevitably?

Searching for your someone can sometimes seem like it is taking forever and a day and the older we get the higher our expectations become. With that said, expectations can lead us down a path where we are not willing to settle and compromising feels like we are budging on our strong, independent sense of self. Lets talk about settling and compromising, the difference between the two and how gaining a greater understanding can put us on track to bringing us together with our Mr or Mrs Forever.

Settling is a word full of negative connotations and has undertones of one party winning and the other party losing. It is a word and almost always unspoken action where someone may perhaps feel they are giving up their happiness to achieve a long term goal. It may be suggested that when it comes to love, if we chose to settle, we may be giving up on things that are our core beliefs and values; our non-negotiables. Settling is essentially giving up on something entirely for one reason or another.

Compromising is a way to find a middle ground where two parties do not bend on their happiness and it’s always a win/win. Compromising never feels like one person is falling short on something they want or doing something detreminental to their core values and belief system.  Compromising is giving up only a little, and is something you both do, in order to achieve the bigger picture; whatever that may be.

Every relationship embodies compromises, not all relationships are about settling (or at least they shouldn’t be). They often say make compromises but don’t ever settle but how can you build on your shared foundations for a forever with someone if you don’t know the difference between the two? When thinking about dating, relationships and marriage you have to be sure to know the difference between these two key words. It really is vital.

No relationship is perfect, the word should not even exist as we always say, nothing in life is. When two people envision things differently and make assumptions (unspoken things that are perceived as truth) about their relationship and life together they have to compromise to make the foundations fix in place.

Don’t settle but always compromise and if you work out the difference whilst looking at your core values you will be sure to enter into something special with your someone that could last a lifetime. If you’re looking for love ensure to contact Simantov International Premier Jewish Matchmakers, we would love to hear from you. REGISTER DETAILS