You’ll remember Danielle and Nathan from our blog last week. They were both divorced and found each other later in life. Daniella was reticent at first. She didn’t believe in love or love stories anymore and was cynical that we’d find her someone.

Even after she signed up, she still thought she’d made a mistake. And it took a bit of persuading for her to even meet Nathan once.

No longer a giggly teenager, here is what Danielle has to say about love later in life.

❥ I’ve realised that there are different kinds of love and loving, and love is different when you are our age. It’s just a plus; a positive in our lives.

❥ Just because you don’t find someone immediately drop-dead gorgeous, don’t discount them. Your soul mate will be beautiful inside; you need to have the patience to see it – and that fact will soon outshine your initial thoughts.

❥ We don’t need each other; we’re not dependent on each other. We just want to be glued to each other more and more.

❥ Despite growing up in different countries, and both of us experiencing great pain in our lives, our senses of humour work together. It’s humour that makes relationships work.

❥ It’s important to share hobbies – we are going to start acting classes together. You should work to enrich your own life and your life together

❥ It’s important to share. We like reading the same books and talking about them.

❥ You can have different strengths. I like eating – he loves cooking!

❥ Believe in your story. Don’t project to the future; enjoy the moment and build on the present.