This month we have a treat.

We’ve interviewed one of our clients and have asked her some personal questions about life and love.

This is what she said. And you can read more next week …

“I am divorced with one child. After my divorce, I had a few relationships with men who were very different, yet none of them was right for me. Some didn’t share my interests. Some were too religious. With others it just wasn’t practical.

When it came to love, I felt resentful and full of wants. I faced disappointment, heartbreak. I started to be very careful with my heart. With a full life – my daughter, job, friends and family – I knew I was better off being alone than in a relationship that did not work. I had a full emotional life, why did I need a partner?

I learn about Simantov

Then I heard of Simantov through a community organisation. I was against the idea at first. An agency? Me? But then I felt again the weight of my disappointment in love; and reconsidered. I met a friend I respect who encouraged me to go for it.

So I spoke to Jose Weber (who is a really lovely man). I told him I was a hard case. I am obsessed with my work and very moody in the morning. I don’t believe in love, love stories, falling in love… He just listened.

Jose was calmly encouraging. I signed up and paid. Then the doubt reared its head again and I regretted my impulsivity. What was I doing? Was I crazy? But it was too late to pull out….

Rachel and I met for a coffee. She asked me what I wanted in a man. To be admired? To be supported? It was a very interesting question and one I’d never been asked – or asked myself – before. I knew what I didn’t want. But knowing what I did want was a harder question to answer”.

Perhaps you are feeling like this now – thinking about signing up with us; or having regrets about having done so. Perhaps you too feel burdened by previous relationships; past sorrows or things that could have been?

We understand that the path to love is not always a smooth one. That’s why we are here to lend a hand and an ear. To hear your stories, find out what you want and need, and try and find your soul mate.

Tune in next week for the next chapter in Danielle’s story…