We are thrilled to be launching a search for an exceptional gentleman who is looking to settle down and enjoy his early retirement with a special lady.
Our client is only 53 years old but he has recently sold the -very- successful business he started 15 years ago in California’s Silicon Valley and is now living the life he always wanted.  The only piece of the dream missing:  a companion to share travel adventures with, to create homes with and, ultimately, to grow old with.  He explains in a simple but rather powerful way that his life up to now has been essentially devoted to his business which required his undivided attention and endless hours of work.  That cost him his first marriage and because he didn’t want to repeat the same mistake, he chose to wait until he had reached his goal to start looking for a woman he could have a meaningful relationship with.  He is now completely available to start this new phase of his life.  And in line with his very driven personality and high energy level, this phase is going to be an exciting one, full of projects and adventures that he would love to share with a special lady.
One of his main projects involves extensive traveling.  One of the most frustrating aspects of his former life, he says, is that he never had time to tour any of the places he went to on business.  He’s now planning on spending several months every year doing just that, exploring foreign cultures and visiting great sites in a leisurely way.  Another one of his passions, which he managed to keep up over the years, is surfing.  This is one of the reasons he recently purchased a house on the island of Maui, which he intends to remodel -hopefully with the help of a feminine touch.  When he is at home – in San Francisco – he likes to work out every day, volunteers a couple of afternoons a week at a local charity and spends the rest of the time reading, watching movies and going out to eat at one of the many gourmet restaurants the city has to offer.  Weekends are generally spent «playing farmers» with friends in the Wine Country where he has another house, complete with a horse stable and small vineyard.
This wonderful man, who is both very accomplished and remarkably sweet and down-to-earth, is looking for a woman who understands all the hard work that went into creating this life of luxury – no spoiled princess for him – and who will truly appreciate it.  His ideal match would be a woman who is cultured, warm and easy-going, and who has a flexible work schedule.  Someone who is either based in San Francisco or who could easily relocate would be preferable.
Ladies, if you think you fit this description, this is someone you should absolutely meet!  Please contact us at info@simantov-international.com