The most famous traditions associated with Purim are not always about dressing up in costumes and having lots to drink. People also commemorate the story, as written in the book of Esther, by giving to the needy and offering gifts of food to friends & family. However, if you are heading out to enjoy the most action packed, fun-filled day in the Jewish year then we have compiled 3 of the best places to party like it’s Purim. Here’s hoping, and we have no doubt about it, that you will meet lots of like-minded single Jewish professionals coming together in one place; Israel.

Tel Aviv – Street Party For Purim 

Every year the city of Tel Aviv sponsors a major Purim street party with some of the best DJ’s from around the world flocking to Israel from their international festival scene to provide entertainment for the masses in the Jewish community. Tel Aviv is the perfect place to get dressed up for Purim and party the day away- who know’s who you might meet? An opprtunity not to be missed if you will be heading out to celebrate. The event will take place in Kikar Hamedina in the north of the city and has the best atmosphere by far but don’t worry if you can’t make it this year; this party is annual and definitely one to add to the list.

Jerusalem – Performing This Purim 

For the best party atmosphere in Jerusalem visit Safra Square, between the city centre and the old city. Organized by a group called residents of the artsy neighbourhood, this event is more of a colourful carnival and is full of fun for all ages. Expect lots of performances, puppet shows, dancing and another hotspot in Israel for a great atmosphere this Purim. Top Tip: be sure to get there early to enjoy every moment, the fun ends at 3pm.

Tel Aviv – Rooftop Purim Party

The Brown Hotel in Tel Aviv is opening it’s rooftop especially for Purim party goers. A rather exclusive place to party the night away with cocktails and costumes should you choose. With gourmet food samplers available from a top chef in the city, this really is the place to be at night this Purim, especially if you want to party into the early hours with the most elite of Israel. This is a boutique hotel with a luxury ambience and a not to be missed personalised party experience if you can get tickets. It’s both popular and a perfect setting this Jewish holiday. Enjoy singles, don’t forget to keep an eye out for that certain someone!

Hag Sameach!