With the Jewish community in Montreal numbering around 100,000 there’s certainly plenty of scope to meet someone that you can one day say “Ich hob der lieb” to.
If finding love in this French Canadian city is your heart’s desire, we hope our list of places to frequent will help you on your way. Keep reading below to discover some of the hottest spots for Jewish people to meet a new partner.

Bagel etc
On Boulevard Saint-Laurent you’ll find the aptly named Bagel etc. This lovely little eaterie is frequented by Leonard Cohen from time to time, so it’s place in local Jewish tradition is well known.
There’s a nice community vibe here and when you’re having a late breakfast or relaxing with a cup of coffee, there’s plenty of opportunity to get chatting to fellow patrons.

Museum of Jewish Montreal
The Museum of Jewish Montreal provides regular events and walking tours of parts of the city that have lots of great stories to tell.
These kinds of activities are ideal if you’re not really into nightlife and would rather meet someone you know has similar interests to you.

Tango in the Park
If you fancy tripping the light fantastic in Montreal, you’re in for a real treat. Outdoor tango is the order of the day in parks at Little Italy, Outremont and Verdun.
You don’t need a partner to attend, why not just go along and see who else is there alone before showing off your fancy footwork?
One of the best things about Tango in the Park events is that they’re completely free. What have you got to lose?

Mount Royal Park
If you like cycling and/or jogging, a trip to Mount Royal Park is a must. When you pause at the top to take in the mesmerizing views, you might just meet a kindred spirit doing exactly the same.

The Segal Center
The Sega Center is a lively hub for the performing arts with a strong Jewish flavour. If cinema, dance, theatre and music are things you enjoy, then this is the place to go.
If you love acting or singing you could even get involved yourself, make lots of new friends, and even find romance.

Montreal provides a picturesque backdrop for those looking to find love. Embrace all it has to offer and who knows where it will take you?