We love all our clients.  But we are particularly proud to announce that we have been asked to represent one of the world’s top international attorneys in her search for her bashert.
This lovely young woman – she just turned 37 – is an extremely successful professional with quite an exceptional personality.  After spending her youth in London and attending a top UK university, where she got her degree in international law, she got hired by an NGO to go to Rwanda and a couple of other African countries to help with the situation of political refugees.  She was so marked by that experience that she decided to devote her professional life to fighting dictatorships and their dire consequences.  Righting wrongs has become her calling. Having done a remarkable job in Africa, she got a position at the International Court of The Hague, which allows her to pursue her work in the most efficient way possible and is clearly giving her intense satisfaction.  This lady is very driven, motivated by altruistic ambitions and her life, so far, has been mostly focused on the causes she defends, even when she is not working.  Whether she is volunteering for a charity, spending vacation time in Africa or reading political reports, she is completely invested in her fight for justice.
But this type of life can also be lonely -particularly when times are difficult – and she now wishes she had a life companion she could share ideas and adventures with.  Her ideal mate is a man between 35 and 50, educated and as passionate about helping people as she is.  Working for an international NGO would make this man a perfect match, as she wants someone who is as well traveled as she is and has the same vision of the world.  Her experience is that men like that exist, of course, but they are generally so deeply involved in their own work that they barely have any time to notice their co-workers or, when they do, are not in a situation conducive to having romantic thoughts.  And, of course, the pool of potential partners gets even more narrow when you are looking for a fellow Jew.  This is why she came to us.
If you think that you – or someone you know -fit the description of this wonderful lady’s ideal match, please contact us
This is an exceptional lady, beautiful inside and out, remarkably intelligent and devoted to her cause.  If you think you or someone you know could fit the profile of her desired partner, please contact us at info@simantov-international.com