Joining Simantov was a big step for me.  I am an artist, I like to think of myself as more rebellious than traditional and the whole idea of going through a matchmaker to find my soulmate  was very unappealing to me.  Just thinking about the matchmaker conjured up images of old yentes and disheveled bachelors: the whole thing was utterly frightening.  On one hand, I wanted to meet a Jewish partner -I guess I was not so rebellious after all – and was aware that there was little chance of that happening in the little Polish town I was living in at the time.  On the other hand, I was afraid calling a matchmaker would result in me losing my soul and being pressured into marrying someone who was not meant for me.  After all, who goes to a matchmaker?
Well, I guess I had seen too many movies.  When I finally took the leap and called Simantov, it didn’t take me long to realize that they are not at all like the shadchanim of times past.  I had my first interview with Rachel, who is a charming young woman and it was very easy for me to relate to her.  She understood my situation and reassured me that she would be able to find the man of my dreams if I was willing to relocate, which I was.  She explained to me that Simantov has clients all over the world and that it is not uncommon that people will find their soulmate in another country.  As long as there is a common language and people can communicate, there is no reason why they shouldn’t fall in love. Being from different countries is not such a problem if you’re motivated.  And that is exactly what happened to me.  Over the course of almost a year Simantov introduced me to 3 gentlemen who were all very nice but with whom I didn’t feel a deep connection.  And then I met David, who is a musician from Brussels.  After our first date, we felt like we had a strong connection.  We are both artists and although we are in completely different fields we have a lot of things in common, including the way we view life and our place in the world.  David plays with a band in Brussels and it was not easy for him to move so I relocated to Brussels and I love it.  We are engaged, planning a small wedding for next year, and we couldn’t be happier.  The truth is that without Simantov, we would never have met.  I am so glad I called them!