Rome is renowned as a romantic city and with a long history of Jewish communities, you’ll find kosher restaurants, a dozen synagogues and around 15,000 other Jews living here.
In this article we’ve combined a couple of Jewish themed activities with some traditional Italian places to look for love in Rome. Because when in Rome…

Nonna Betta
Top quality kosher dining is the order of the day at Nonna Betta. Located at Via del Portico D’Ottavia, you’ll find separate meat and dairy menus.
Make sure you don’t go on a Tuesday as it’s closed, but visit any other day and your taste buds will be tickled with a range of Italian/Jewish dishes you’ve probably never experienced before.
Eating out in Italy is always a pleasure, so visit Nonna Betta with friends and you may meet other locals out doing the same thing. They do say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach after all!

Walking Tour of the Jewish Ghetto
Another good place to hook-up with some members of Rome’s Jewish community is on one of the walking tours of the ghetto area. If you love Jewish history, this is a must-do. The history of Jews in this famous Italian city goes back over 2,000 years. And while many of the things you hear will shock and sadden you, it’s a worthwhile experience.

Trevi Fountain
No article on finding love in Rome would be complete without mentioning the Trevi Fountain. It’s certainly not just for couples, this is where many of Rome’s beautiful people gather in the evenings to admire each other and perhaps exchange details for a future date in the Eternal City.

The Spanish Steps
This set of 138 steps remains a popular place for young singles to cast an eye over each other. The Fontana della Barcaccia is a majestic and unique fountain at the bottom of the steps which only adds to the romantic ambience.
Watching the world go by may not be everyone’s idea of a good way to find love, but there are no hard and fast rules. Even if you just breathe in the atmosphere, you’ll return back home with a spring in your step and a renewed passion for finding someone to share your life in Rome with.

If you do find love in Rome, your heart will dance with delight every day! It’s the perfect city for showing off your romantic side.