Approximately 7,000 of Switzerland’s 20,000 strong Jewish population live in Zurich. So while there aren’t huge numbers, there is a nice close community feeling amongst those who do live and work in this glorious city.
Many of the Jewish population in Zurich are young professionals who work at the many international HQs throughout the city. Below we’ve listed some of the place to check out if you’re looking to meet someone to share the beauty of Zurich with.

Olive Garden Restaurant
The Olive Garden is a kosher restaurant with exquisite taste in décor and of course on its menu. It’s a nice plate to meet with work colleagues or friends and you’ll find it’s usually busy with other Jewish locals looking for an authentic taste of Israel.
The restaurant can open on request on Fridays and Shabbat. Pop down to Lavaterstrasse and grab a bite to eat and socialise with other members of the community.

Seret provides “cinema from the Jewish world” throughout the year. These can be from Jewish directors, featuring Jewish actors or because of the subject matter.
While providing you with the chance to mingle with other local film-lovers, one of the best things about Seret is they usually try to have audience participation with the director after a screening, so you can really get to understand why and how the film was made.

Lindt Chocolate Factory
If you’re looking to find love in Zurich, then another venue you many want to try is the Lindt Chocolate Factory, after all chocolate is supposed to be an aphrodisiac.
Some of the Lindt products carry a kosher certified logo. They offer tours around the factory, and while you may not see Gene Wilder dressed as Willy Wonka here, you might meet someone else who leaves a lasting impression on you.

River Limmat
A great way to spend an afternoon in Zurich is to sit by the River Limmat in one of the cafes or jazz bars, enjoying a drink and looking out over the water from the atmospheric cobbled streets.
It’s a popular spot, so you may get chatting to a young lady or gentlemen who’ve decided to spend a relaxing few hours here too.

Finding love in Zurich will give you a renewed zest for life. There are so many stunning, scenic views to be enjoyed.