When you sign up with us, we will ask you many questions.  Some may be questions that you are expecting to hear.  But some may make you crinkle your forehead and wonder, “Why are they asking me such things?”

You can be sure that in all cases there are really good reasons behind the questions that we ask.  Top of these reasons? Our desire to find you a perfect match.

You see, partner compatibility is more about having a complementary personality than being similar.   And that’s what we want – to help you create the opportunity to become part of a complementary couple.

Helping you be better, together

When Simantov couples meet and fall in love, it is not purely a physical reaction.  Instead, slowly but surely, love develops as you realise you are better together.  We will find a match for you so that you and your partner can make a happy life together in the long term.

To make such matches, we need to ask many questions.  Some are listed below:

1. What are your Strengths/Weaknesses?

2. What are your views on the following, and how important are they to you?

  • Intellectual ability
  • Cultural identity
  • Family background
  • Education levels
  • Career goals
  • Spirituality (Religious observance levels, Philosophy of Life)
  • Sexuality
  • Living habits (gains importance in age)

3. Finally, we will talk about your views on:

  • Your key personality and character traits
  • Your goals and values
  • Your hobbies and interests

It’s important to remember at all times that we are not trying to find you another you.   We ask these questions – and listen intently to the answers – as we want to remain open minded about introducing you to someone who has opposite traits; a person who will let your strengths shine, and will complement you on your weaknesses.

Think your answers through, answer them as honestly as you are able, and then leave the rest to us…..